Water Heater Failure Signs to Look Out For

Almost every person in the world does not have any idea that their water heater is about to fail. However, there are signs to look out for.  

Of course, you can easily prevent the damage and disruption of a water heater failure. To help you, here are several signs that your water heater might about to fail.  

Lack of Hot Water 

Lack of sufficient hot water is the most popular sign of a water heater failure. You’ll notice this when it takes a long time to get hot water from your tap or when your shower water is lukewarm. 

Almost every regular water heater contains around 30 up to 50-gallon storage tank. Water minerals separate and settle at the bottom of the tank as the water is heated using electricity or gas. These deposits of minerals build up over time inside the tank. This produces a barrier between the water and the burner. With that, less heat will reach the water. That’s why you have colder water.  

The more difficult it is for the heating element of your tank to work if there are a lot of sediments. The heater will fail eventually. This will result in a very expensive water bill due to leaking and a heater that has to be replaced completely.  

Popping or Rumbling Noises 

One common culprit of a failing water heater is water heater noise. It is time for you to contact a professional water heater repair Calgary if your water heater is making rumbling, creaking, or popping noises. When it comes to water heater noises, mineral buildup and hard water are also the reasons.  

Cloudy Water 

Two signs of a water heater failure are funky-smelling water and murky water. You will notice this whenever you detect a metallic taste or scent in your tap water or when your water looks cloudy. Some deposits of mineral travel out of the tank. This will cloud up the water flowing from your taps. Oftentimes, these deposits are accompanied by a metallic taste or odor. These deposits of minerals can affect your taps since it clogs elements that control the water’s flow. In addition to that, a cloudy reddish or orange color in water can mean that your house pipes or water heater tank are rusty.  

Faulty or Leaking Pressure Relief Valve 

When it comes to your water heater’s pressure relief valve, there are 2 major symptoms to look out for. Whenever you test the valve, does hot water flow through the pipe or not? Do you have a leaking temperature and pressure relief valve? Both of these cases might include more than a simple valve replacement.  

The temperature and pressure relief valve open to discharge buildup of pressure in the water heater whenever the pressure or the temperature gets seriously high. This will avoid a potential explosion. The reasons why temperature and pressure valve fail to operate includes the buildup of corrosion, rust, and mineral salt.  

Do not hesitate to contact a professional if you are experiencing any of the water heater failure signs. This will help you prevent any costly repairs or replacements in the future.  



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