6 Different Types and Styles of Hearing Aids 

Our sense of hearing is important. We are able to heat music, sounds, voices and other noises because of our ears. However, not everyone is able to hear. It’s either because of aging and their ear senses are not functioning well anymore, or their hearing inability is there since birth. Thank god, because of advancements in technology, people now can have their hearing senses back in the form of hearing aids.  


Hearing aids come in different types and styles. The hearing professional will recommend one of these styles depending on your lifestyle, level of hearing loss, budget and aesthetic preferences. Hearing aids also come in different colors and finishes, should you wish to complement them with your skin tone. If you want to know more about these types, call Apparecchi acustici Roma.   

  1. Behind the Ear (BTE) 

This hearing aid is housed in a casing and is placed behind the ear. It comes with a clear plastic acoustical tube that directs the sound it amplified into a customized earmold or earbud which is fitted inside your ear canal. BTE is recommended for people who have moderate to severe hearing loss.  

  1. Receiver in Canal (RIC) 

This hearing aid is barely visible when you wear it. The speaker or the receiver is inside the ear canal. Instead of plastic acoustical tubes, electrical wires are used which reduce the distortions of sound. If you want an open and comfortable fit, RIC hearing aids will work great for you. This instrument is recommended for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss only.  

  1. In the Ear (ITE) 

ITE hearing aids can with within the ear’s outer portion. This is custom-made, which means it can match your skin tone for invisibility. ITE hearing aids are recommended for people who have mild to severe hearing loss.  

  1. In the Canal (ITC) 

Another custom-made hearing aid is ITC or in-the-canal instrument. But compare to ITE, ITC hearing aids are smaller, which only shows a small portion of it when fitted in the ear canal. This is recommended for people who have mild to mildly severe hearing loss.  

  1. Completely in Canal (CIC) 

Another hearing aids that is custom-made is CIC, which is completely fitted on the ear canal. Only a small portion of the hearing aid is shown outside the canal, which is the tip of a small plastic handle. This tip is used to remove and insert the hearing aid. CIC is recommended for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss.  

  1. Invisible in the Canal (IIC) 

If you want a hearing aid that is completely invisible, try the IIC instrument. This is another custom-fitted style that is inserted farther into your ear canal. This instrument is designed to be removed daily so good ear health is enhanced. This hearing aid is recommended to those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. Take note though: the invisibility of this hearing aid will vary on the individual’s ear anatomy.